Welcome to the Old Salts

Welcome to the Southern Beaches Old Salts Association. The association has been established to provide ongoing support to the existing teams and management, provide additional avenues through which we can assist in developing the club and provide a communication network with old players and supporters through which we aim to harness the expertise and skills of our experienced players and supporters.

One of the best aspects of our club since it’s inception has been the highly inclusive nature of our approach to the running of the overall rugby club. We have taken a similar approach in regards to this association. We did not want it to only be about old players, as we recognise our growth throughout the years has come down to the efforts of many people both on and off the field, especially our junior parents and their fostering of the new club talent. The new association is therefore known as the Southern Beaches Old Salts Association, or “Old Salts” for short. This reflects our heritage, whilst specifically including both players and supporters as welcome to join the new association without prejudice.

The Old Salts is not intended to replace the SBRU sponsorship or fund raising activities, rather supplement them. We aim to run functions, activities and supporters days in order to maintain links with the club and close ties with our valued players, supporters and members. Our logo relates to many aspects of the early years of the club, including the original 4 panel jersey, and elements included from the original logo. The Latin motto roughly translates as “The brave may fall, but can never yield”.

Should you have any queries, feel free to contact us via email admin(at)oldsalts.com.au. We are always keen to chat with those wishing to become new members and maintain their contact with the club into the future.

Yours in Rugby

Old Salts Board